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Hyundai Group Joint-stock Company Headquarter of Electrical & Electronics System Business was founded in 1977, it is the world famous brand manufacturer of electrical equipment. High-grade products of Hyundai Electric possessing the most advanced production and detection equipment in the world are distributed in the global range including United States, Europe and Asia.
With the purpose of "Going global with quality and developing future with technology", Hyundai Heavy not only has sound quality management system, but also possesses world-class technical R&D ability. Hyundai Heavy Industries(China) Electric Co., Ltd. is the enterprise invested in China by South Korea Hyundai Heavy joint-stock company. The company was established on February 18, 2004, it is located in Xiandai Road, Xinba Science and Technology Park, Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 172,000m2, total investment is $60 million and registered capital is $30 million.

Hyundai Heavy Industries(China) Electric Co., Ltd. is the production base for engineering electric products established in China by Hyundai Heavy, the headquarters of Hyundai Heavy assume full responsibility to the product technology and customer service of Hyundai Heavy Electric Co. , Ltd.

As the domestic emerging brand manufacturer of engineering electric products, the company is devoted to the input of various hardware and software supports. The main production and detection equipment are imported from United States, Italy, Japan, Sweden and other countries, which provides guarantee for the quality and timely delivery of products.

At present, the company sets up three plants and one institute, namely: extra high voltage circuit breaker plant, switchboard factory, middle-lower voltage circuit breaker plant and electrical technical institute, technical information of each research institute is shared by the company's technical institute and the headquarters of Hyundai Heavy internationally, so as to ensure that our company's products are always leading in the world.

At present, the company is mainly engaged in the production of high-voltage circuit-breaker (GIS), switch cabinet, marine switchgear, console, middle-lower voltage circuit-breaker and other products. The company successively obtains the right to supply product oil pipeline of Western crude ol, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station, LingAo Nuclear Power, Laxiwa Hydropower Station in the upstream of the Yellow River and other GIS and switchboard equipment of national key projects. In addition, our company has further established good relationship with Jiang, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing, Shandong, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang and other provincial electric power company. 35kV and 10kV switchboard products in our company have been put into operation in various provinces of electric power company, national electric, Huadian and other power generating company. We also positively develop domestic market in metallurgy, chemical engineering, energy IT and other industry while obtaining major achievement in electric system. At present, more than 1000 sets of high middle and low-voltage switch cabinet are put into use in Wuxi Hynix Semiconductor Engineering.


Since the establishment of the company for more than a decade, besides obtaining wide support from all sectors of society, the company also gradually builds and perfects internal management system and constantly adheres to the integrated guideline of "observing regulations and discipline, scientific management, high quality and high efficiency, safety production and sincerity service, continuous innovation", it has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. In addition, the company has further obtained the certificate of "AAA enterprise quality rating".


Our eternal service concept and enterprise spirit are to "meet customer's demands with highest technology and best quality to build our enterprise into international pioneer in electrical industry". The company always focuses on research and development of new products, intensifies the digestive absorption of introduced technologies, it has successively passed CCC certification of 10kV and 35kV switch cabinet, 35kV C-GIS test and various kinds of low-voltage products, in which, C-GIS and 35kV switch cabinet and other products have passed the joint appraisal of provincial Science and Technology Agency and provincial economic and trade commission. XIHARI type test has been already completed for the 110kV and 220kV GIS, Holland KEMA test has been completed for the 550kV GIS, and the type test in XIHARI has been completed.


Hyundai Heavy Electric Co., Ltd. is surely to develop and research high-grade products of infinite electricity industry constantly and dauntlessly, so as to build enterprise into internationalized pioneer in electrical industry.

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